Who We Are

Established in 2022. Red Tail Craft is a locally owned and operated construction company centered around a passion for building in a manner that seamlessly blends attention to detail, form, and function. We pride ourselves on a quality product and experience for our clients as well as an environment encouraging teaching and learning for our team.

Garrett Kane


I started Red Tail Craft in 2022 after nearly a decade in the custom residential construction industry. I've been fortunate to have learned the craft from highly skilled and knowledgeable teams that allowed me to go from a laborer, to carpenter, to foreman. I love building, teaching, collaborating, and I strive to continue to learn and improve daily. My experiences learning from others who are passionate about building made me love what I do, take pride in how I do it, and gave me a desire to pass that on to a team and our clients.

Why We're Named Red Tail Craft

I spent a good amount of time trying to come up with a name for the company. I wanted it to be simple, unique, and have a personal connection. During the Holiday season in 2022 while visiting my parents, my Mom brought out two plastic storage totes. One for me. One for my sister. Each tote was filled with old photos taken over the years from shortly before either of us were born to the present. As I sorted through the bin I came across an old postcard from my Grandparents. Every year for as long as I could remember, my Gram would send a postcard or two to all of the grandkids. Each card she’d send out had either a photo she had taken or some hand drawn art and they were different for each of us. This one in particular stuck out to me. The front featured a picture she had taken of a red tailed hawk perched on a white fence surveying a field. Typical hawk behavior. I wouldn’t call myself a “birder” but I’ve always admired the red tailed hawk. I turned the card over to see the note she had written. “Sending good energy for all your new flights.” The card was dated ten years prior but I found the message and sentiment and timing to be quite fitting as I was starting this new chapter in my life.


She and I were close. She would share her wisdom and perspective which I valued greatly. The last time I saw her was in the springtime. We sat on a bench outside her place exchanging words as we enjoyed the sun and the breeze while watching various birds coming and going over a large patch of wildflowers lining the edge of a small creek. As I recalled this memory along with others of time spent with her, I knew I had finally found the company name I’d been looking for.



What Our Clients Say About Their Exceptional Construction Journey with Us

Melanie H.


We hired Red Tail to replace our deck and expand it to include a hot tub. Garrett was a true craftsman and communication was easy. We especially appreciate his input to the aesthetics of the design. We now have a deck that is sturdy and beautiful; I would highly recommend him.

Jen S.


Garrett tore down my old rotten deck and built the most amazing replacement. He really listened to me and what I wanted and offered some creative ideas that I had not even thought of. He did an outstanding job! Reasonably priced, flexible, hard working, dependable, and outstanding quality. I highly recommend Red Tail Craft for your construction needs!